Health-Is It What You Think?

What the heck is health?? Why is it pursued by SO many people and yet it seems like an overwhelming amount of them miss it or fail to reach it?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is the “State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Okay???? What do we do with this?

I want to direct you to part of the definition that is so VERY important for everyone to note because of its potential impact your life. Health is the “State of complete…”. And I am going to stop right there. Truly, I do not know of one person who has achieved COMPLETE physical, mental, and social well being in their lives because there is always something that seems to be out of place. But what does it mean to have COMPLETE health?? Where is that “complete” standard coming from?!

Honestly, it’s subjective. What I find to be complete health for me is not what you nor anyone else would find to be complete health. Life cannot be lived with the goal of trying to reach someone else’s standards.


To be TRULY be healthy, you need to discover your OWN wants and needs. What do you need physically? Mentally and emotionally? What do you need socially? And personally, I would throw the soul or spirit in there as well because from the SOUL the rest of your being will flow.

So, think about it

That deeper part of you that seems to be unexplainably connected and effected by so many things, what is that? The thing that lights up with unexplainable peace when life is just right. Or, the sick feeling you experience when something happens that makes you want to crawl up into a ball, in the farthest and darkest corner of the room. Is this not the spirit or soul of a human? When your soul is not at peace, your emotions and sequentially your physical state are affected.

Mind. Body. Spirit. You CANNOT separate them without affecting the others!


So when it comes to seeking TRUE and COMPLETE health for YOU, what does that mean? Where do you begin? Of the three, the physical side is an easier one to tackle because we have SO MUCH information out there as to what a healthy body ought to look like INTERNALLY.

Notice, I did not say externally because looking “good” doesn’t mean you are healthy. And, what even is “looking good?” Who defines this image of health?

Often times, physiological consequences arise when trying to look like a Greek god or goddess, and we have scientific and factual information out there for reference when seeking to improve physical health. For YOU to be completely physically healthy, you HAVE to be honest with yourself in regards who you are. What do you want to achieve, WHY do you want to achieve it, and is it realistically ACHIEVABLE given where you are at in your life?


Mental health is much more of a beast! As my fiancé likes to say,

“Everyone can benefit from counseling.”

And she’s is right! Everyone has junk that runs deep in their hearts and minds that explain why we are the way we are. The big goal to reach for mentally ought to be FREEDOM. Freedom mentally to make decisions and to live a life that is complimentary to your beliefs, values, and morals and void of restriction or condemnation from self.

This freedom will be subjective. It will be different for everyone.


**I would like to make a disclaimer and state that I realize that there are people out their who truly have twisted hearts and minds who seek to commit horrible atrocities. These lost people are the outliers and I DO NOT support them!!**

…whew…that was a close one.


For spiritual health, this will always come with some bias for I believe in Jesus Christ and that He is the Son of the one and only God who died for ALL humanity. And so I am a follower of Christ.

But I regress. Spiritually I believe EVERYONE needs to take some time to spend with themselves and truly evaluate their WHY for what they believe in. Where does it come from? Why do you accept it and nothing different? To find true health spiritually, one would have to explore these deeper questions and come to a place where they find true, lifegiving peace.


What is health you ask??

You tell me! Contact Megan and I to share YOUR thoughts about health and subscribe below to be apart of this family!

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  1. Thanks Jordan. Glad you are getting in on the blogging. I love hearing the thoughts of a younger generation.

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