3 of the WRONG Reasons to Be Fit

Yeah…I said it. You shouldn’t be fit!

That’s a very bold and crazy thing to say for a personal trainer and nutrition coach, isn’t it!? But, it’s true! Especially in the era that we live in today, being “fit” is now one of the hardest things to accomplish because of the social stigmas surrounding it. First of all, who defines fitness?

Think about it…

Athletes in today’s society are accomplishing bigger and greater things than ever before. People are figuring out how to achieve the biggest, bulkiest, and leanest physiques ever thought possible. There are so many (almost too many) little tips and tricks when it comes to maximizing or “hacking” the human body to achieve optimal health. There are too many big fitness giants and celebrities that it seems like the standard for fitness is skyrocketing upward without any break in sight!


But it never used to be hard! It never used to be daunting nor intimidating. Why?? Because fitness was a discrete aspect of past cultures. The majority of jobs required more movement and physical labor. Food wasn’t mass produced like we see it today nor chemically modified/monitored. Literally ALL that is needed to be “fit” and to achieve a solid foundation for physical health includes:

     – Move MORE with OCCASIONAL resistance to your movement


     – Eat a VARIETY of REAL foods


Our society pushes the most daunting and unattainable adjectives onto the fitness industry. You gotta be the BEST, the FASTEST, the STRONGEST, HEALTHIEST, most VERSATILE, BADDEST being to have ever walked the earth. This mentality towards fitness is what makes the industry so scary and repulsive to delve into.

So why should you NOT be fit??

Here are 3 major reasons why you shouldn’t be fit :

  1. You should NOT be fit IF your mindset is solely focused on achieving what others have achieved. There is nothing wrong with looking up to people to motivate and inspire you, but understand that just like you are going to improve your fitness levels, so will they. This means that the bar will keep on moving and you’ll be chasing after an endless goal. You’ll never find satisfaction with where you ARE nor what you have achieved. Look up to people with the goal of bettering YOURSELF not with the goal of being like THEM. You are not them. You are YOU! You have a different set of genetic limits and lifestyle factors that separate you from everyone else.

  • You shouldn’t be fit if you are trying to gain the acceptance of others because there will ALWAYS be a hater somewhere. There will ALWAYS be someone who doesn’t accept you for whatever unspoken and obnoxious reason. Trust me, if you chase after others you’ll be disappointed more times than you can count.

  • You shouldn’t be fit because you NEED it. The mindset of NEEDING to be fit will drain you because the fitness bar is always being raised and without clarification of where unfit ends and fit begins. You get caught in a loop of striving to achieve more without satisfaction.

Why SHOULD You Be Fit Then?

To find freedom in the fitness space, you need to look at your deepest
“WHY’s” and determine if they are life GIVING or life DRAINING.

  • You SHOULD be fit to better yourself.
  • You SHOULD be fit to impact others.
  • You SHOULD be fit to improve YOUR quality of life.
  • You SHOULD be fit because you LOVE the nature of it.

And if you cannot resonate with these reasons for wanting to be in the health and fitness space, then I recommend taking some time to uproot your deeper issues before diving further into what was meant to be so simple years ago, yet ironically could become one of the most complicated and never-ending battles you could ever face. And as always, stay anchored in BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. Subscribe below to be part of the Trifecta Fam and contact us to share your story!

Stay anchored people!

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