Meet Jordan and Megan

About Jordan

Hi! My name is Jordan and I freaking LOVE people, health, food, life, and most importantly the Lord! I have been a personal trainer and nutrition coach in the health and fitness industry for years, and I have had the pleasure of working with countless amazing people. The deeper I have gotten into the health and fitness industry, the more I realized that SO many people are walking on the wrong path or in the wrong direction in their quest to achieve their aspired health and fitness goals. It is my PASSION to work with anyone regardless of who they are, to bring the raw, unfiltered and factual truth about anything in the three avenues of health: BODY, MIND, SPIRIT. 

Certifications: NASM-CPT, NCI L-1 Nutrition Coach, NCI-HS (Hormone specialist) 

About Megan

Hey, I’m Megan! I’m the fitness girl that doesn’t have abs (shocker lol), nor do I want them. While I love all things health and fitness, I am most passionate about mental health and the mindset surrounding this industry. I believe in calling out all people, but especially women, to love themselves and their bodies right now in this moment. After brutally battling with all three major eating disorders, it is my heart’s desire to encourage and inspire women in their health journeys through the trifecta: body, mind, and spirit. Jordan and I are stoked to begin to share a different view of health and fitness with you all! 

Certifications: NASM-CPT, Precision Nutrition L-1 Coach, NCI-MS (Mindset specialist)

Our Core Values

  • We love Jesus. He's a huge part of our health & fitness journey. We are not afraid to share it.
  • We believe in being real, open, and raw-- The health and fitness industry has a tendency to be pretty fake and superficial. Our desire is to bring light to the dark, unspoken places of this industry. We believe this is where true health begins.
  • We believe in acceptance. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you look like, or what you believe. We do not train "certain types of people." Everyone is welcomed on this health journey.
  • We believe in consistent exercise and workouts. We enjoy staying strong and fit.
  • We believe that "good nutrition" and "healthy eating" is subjective for each person's body.