What is Trifecta Transformation Training?

We Train the BODY

We offer Exercise Tips, Nutrition Coaching, and Workout Plans. We offer a unique approach to training for whatever season of life you are in, and we want to help YOU reach your fullest potential!

We Train the MIND

Without a healthy mind, the body cannot be fully healthy. We believe that by training the mind to be STRONG, working through mental barriers, and focusing on body positivity and self-confidence, you can be your best YOU!

We Train the SPIRT

The spiritual aspect of health is HUGE. When the spirit is healthy, we have joy, hope, and peace. At TTT, we believe these are key factors to a healthy soul and body. We believe in training the faith.

What to Expect


Fitness Blogs

  • Workout Plans, Fitness Tips
  • Nutrition Coaching, Healthy Lifestyle Tips
  • Fitness Myth-busters

Fitness DOES NOT have to mean obsessive, unhealthy, or addictive. We support balance in exercise and nutrition, while promoting body confidence. Yes, they can go hand in hand!

Mental Health Blogs

  • Overcoming Eating Disorders
  • Self-love + Positive self-talk + Acceptance
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Body Confidence in Health & Fitness

The body CANNOT be healthy if the mind isn’t healthy. They are deeply intertwined. We both love fitness, but we also fully stand for body confidence and self-love. Learning to balance the fitness industry AND self-love is one of the greatest challenges!

Spiritual Talks

  • Integrating Faith into Fitness
  • Jesus talks
  • Recognizing God Through Health
  • Correlation Between the Physical and Spiritual Health
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